Private Physics Tutors

Private Physics Tutors

Note: Please contact tutors directly regarding cost.

Chris Akers
PhD in Physics, Berkeley
I am qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics and related mathematics courses. I have five years of GSI experience plus three years of private, one-on-one tutoring experience, and I have received the Outstanding GSI award.

Shawn Beckman
Physics Graduate Student (5th Year), UCB
All high school and undergraudate physics/math courses, General GRE + Physics GRE, as well as astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science courses.

William Berdanier
PhD Student in Physics at UC Berkeley (5th year); MASt Mathematics, University of Cambridge; MSt Philosophy of Physics, University of Oxford; BS in Physics, Mathematics, UT Austin
I have over 8 years of tutoring experience spanning high school, introductory level and advanced college physics courses. I can tutor any undergraduate physics or mathematics course. I also have experience preparing students for standardized tests (AP tests, SAT (I or II), ACT, GRE).

Chien-I Chiang
(512) 576-7079
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
I have taught introductory physics courses as a GSI for more than six years, including 9 semesters as the head GSI, and received Outstanding GSI award. I have extensive experience in working with 8 series students, but am also well-qualified to teach all undergraduate physics courses.

Nick Cinko
(219) 241-6546
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
B.S. in Physics & B.S. in Mathematics, Purdue
I have over five years of tutoring experience in math and physics.  This includes private/group tutoring, working in the physics help center at Purdue University, and teaching as a GSI.  I also received an Outstanding GSI award my first year (Physics 8B).  I'm available to tutor most physics/math courses (especially calculus, mechanics, and E&M), both at the high school and undergraduate level.

Alexy Drobizhev
(406) 600-6017
Postdoc, Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
I am a postdoc at LBNL, and a former UC Berkeley physics student (BA 2013, MA 2015, PhD 2018). I have 1.5 years experience as a tutor in physics including the following classes: 7A, 8A, 8B, 110A, and 189. I also have three semesters' experience GSI-ing the 111A and 111B labs. 

David Dunsky
(214) 538-1515
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
I love teaching and have three years of experience as a GSI in both introductory and upper division physics courses at Berkeley. I have received an Outstanding Physics GSI award and am happy to tutor any physics course, most math courses, and the Physics GRE.

Daniel Gardeazabal
(703) 346-9696
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
I have taught, tutored, and mentored undergraduate students in the past. I am qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics courses and many undergraduate math courses. I can also tutor for the SAT, ACT, GRE, Physics GRE, and any high school physics and math.

Sam Guns
(510) 847-3572
Physics MS, ETH Zürich
3rd year PhD Student, UCB 
All undergraduate and high school physics and math courses, General GRE math, Physics GRE. 
4+ years of teaching and tutoring experience, including 7 & 8 Series at Cal. 

Charles Hill
(763) 222-6359
UCB Physics PhD
Physics 8A and 8B. Check out my website for more details!

Oliver Jeong
(801) 573-2462
5th Year Graduate Student, UCB / Physics BA, Princeton
GSI for 7B/8B, all undergraduate and high school physics, SAT, GRE (general, physics) 

Elise LePage
(413) 218-1829
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
I have 3 years experience tutoring undergraduate physics and math courses. I am a GSI for 8B. I am qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics and most math courses, especially those relevant to physics such as calculus and linear algebra.

Robert McGehee
6th year Theoretical Physics PhD student; BA in Physics and in Mathematics with honors, Cornell
My degrees, coursework, and research qualify me to tutor all undergraduate physics and math courses and most physics graduate courses. During my first year of teaching 7B, I received an Outstanding GSI award and I have years of teaching/tutoring experience.

Thomas Mittiga
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
My degrees, coursework, and especially extensive experience in physics outreach and communications uniquely qualify me to tutor introductory physics courses. I have GSI'ed for Phys 7B and H7C, designed and taught a summer classical mechanics course for incoming freshmen, and lecture publicly on the basic/fascinating principles of physics.
High School physics/math, Physics 7, 8 Series at Cal

Edgar Olivera
(818) 259-2062
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) PhD Student. B.A. in Physics and B.S. in MSE at UCB
I have 4 years of experience tutoring undergraduate physics and chemistry. Additionally, I have helped teach undergraduate courses in chemistry and engineering courses. 
Physics 7A-C, 8A-B, high school math and physics. 

Noah Sailer
(540) 784-9852
Physics Graduate Student, UCB / BA in Physics & Math, Cornell University
I have over three years of experience teaching and tutoring physics at the undergraduate level. I'm qualified to tutor any undergraduate physics and most math courses. I'm also happy to tutor high school physics/math, or to help prepare for quantitative sections of standardized tests.

Arvin Shahbazi Moghaddam
(510) 833-8768
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
Qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics and related mathematics courses, with 4 years of experience with one-on-one tutoring and 5+ years of experience with teaching undergraduate courses to physics and non-physics majors

Nico Salzetta
(773) 526-0835
Physics Graduate Student, UCB
BS in Physics, Caltech
I am qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics courses and required mathematics courses for physics. I can also tutor all high school math, physics, and chemistry courses and assist in standardized test prep (ACT, SAT, SAT subject tests, AP tests, GRE).

Vincent Su
(832) 228-0614
Physics Graduate Student UC Berkeley
M.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Physics, Stanford University
I have over ten years of tutoring experience in math and physics. I was also lead Math and Physics tutor in undergrad through Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning. I can tutor any undergraduate physics class and pre-/co-requisite math courses (especially calculus and linear algebra). Also able to tutor for computer science (python/stats/probability/machine learning) and standardized test prep. 

Kenny Vetter
(401) 286-7563
Physics Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
Physics BA, Cornell University 2018
I have over three years of experience teaching physics at the university level as an undergraduate teaching assistant at Cornell and a GSI at Berkeley. I received the outstanding GSI award as a first-year graduate student after teaching physics 7C and 137A, and I have received professional teaching training through Kaplan Test Prep. I am qualified to tutor all undergraduate physics courses, particularly quantum mechanics and relativity courses including GR, as well as mathematical physics courses and calculus courses in the math department. I am also professionally trained to help with standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, GRE, and physics GRE.