Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Career Development Initiative for the Physical Sciences (CDIPS)

CDIPS is a graduate student run organization that provides resources to graduate students and postdocs in the physical and mathematical sciences about their options outside academia through a speaker series, the Data Science Workshop, and improved access to alumni.  Founded in 2012, CDIPS aims to provide scientists with the information they need to make better informed career decisions.


Compass Project

The Compass Project is a self-formed group of graduate and undergraduate students in the physical sciences at UC Berkeley. Our goals are to improve undergraduate physics education, provide our participants with opportunities for professional development, and increase retention of students, especially those from populations typically underrepresented in the physical sciences. Compass fosters a diverse, collaborative student community by providing a wide range of services, including a summer program, fall and spring semester courses, mentoring, a research lecture series, and other academic and social support.


Hispanic Engineers and Scientists (HES)

HES is a student organization that was established in 1974 to create a community amongst all Latinx engineering and science students at UC Berkeley. We are a collegiate chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, whose educational programs and events directly serve tens of thousands each year representing a diverse Hispanic community.  The Hispanic Engineers and Scientists of the University of California, Berkeley are determined to increase the number of culturally responsible engineers and scientists who succeed academically, lead professionally, and contribute passionately to society.



IGenSpectrum is a student group at UC Berkeley dedicated to improving the visibility and professional preparation of LGBT physicists. Founded in 2014, IGenSpectrum has already hosted a visiting colloquium speaker in a discussion of the challenges facing LGBT scientists; a summer research supplement program for undergraduates; and many social events.

At the UC Berkeley physics department, the graduate students are active in pushing for a more diverse and inclusive department climate. The three largest groups, IGenSpectrum, SWPS, and Compass, are increasing our coordination in our mentoring programs, social events, and policy recommendations.


Physics Directed Reading Program (PDRP)

PDRP is an academic program formed that allows undergraduates to be exposed to academic topics not usually taught in the standard coursework of physical science majors through the mentoring of a graduate student. Our goal is to bridge the gap of knowledge between a motivated student and a current researcher while providing opportunities for students to enter research.


Physics Graduate Student Association

A governing and advocacy body for the graduate students in the physics department.


Society of Women in the Physical Sciences (SWPS)

SWPS is a student group run by female graduate students in Physics, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Biophysics. Our goals are to encourage women and minorities to study the physical sciences and to create a friendly and supportive environment in these departments for all students.


Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The Society of Physics Students is a professional, national organization for all students interested in physics. We are the chapter at University of California - Berkeley. We do fun projects, promote and discuss physics, tour lab facilities, and connect with professors and their research. We also support a FAQ to answer questions about physics courses and the physics major, and we will produce a course guide soon. Check them out! We are a student group acting independently of the University of California.


STEMinist Chronicles

The STEMinist Chronicles is a student organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to making photoessays of womxn in STEM. Our mission is to share the stories of womxn in STEM and use these narratives to highlight diversity within STEM fields and foster a more inclusive environment for all.


Undergraduate Lab @ Berkeley (ULAB)

We believe that every student interested in participating in research at Berkeley should have the opportunity to do so. We are committed to individually helping new students find research on campus, developing student-led research projects, and connecting & supporting students already involved in research.


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