Biophysics Theorist

Oskar Hallatschek


Research: Biophysics Theory and Experiments

Research Interests

The complexity of the biological world demonstrates that chance can produce powerful results since evolution is ultimately driven by random mutational events. Numerous aspects of biology, such as genetic diversity, genome architecture or developmental pathways, are difficult to explain without an understanding of the effects of randomness in evolution. A large fraction of our research efforts aim at quantifying the inherently stochastic trajectory of biological systems using methods of statistical physics.


Rainer Sachs

Professor Emeritus

Professor of Physics and Mathematics, UC Berkeley, since 1968, Emeritus since 1993. B.Sc. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D. from Syracuse University, 1958. 1959-62. Postdocs and Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Assistant and Associate Professor, University of Texas, 1963-1968; Guggenheim Fellow, Cambridge, 1972-1973. Computational biology & radiobiology research is conducted by our group under grants from DOE, NSF, NIH and NASA. Main topics are: 1) large-scale DNA structure and damage by ionizing radiation; 2) estimating risk of radiation...