Progress Report

Progress Report

Departments are responsible for monitoring a student's overall progress toward a graduate degree. Departments should evaluate graduate students at the middle and end of their first year of graduate school and annually thereafter. The yearly evaluation gives faculty an opportunity to review the performance of each student and, more importantly, to provide students with timely information about the faculty's evaluation of their progress and performance.

Students are normally in good academic standing if they:

  1. are making adequate progress toward the completion of degree requirements,
  2. have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0, and
  3. do not have an excessive number of Incomplete grades on their records.  

Criteria for evaluation of student progress:

  1. a grade-point average above a 3.0;
  2. specific courses completed at a given level of performance;
  3. departmental preliminary exams passed within the specified period;
  4. acceptance by a faculty member who agrees to supervise the student's research and to serve as chair of the dissertation committee;
  5. certain general requirements, such as passing the qualifying exam, completed within a clearly specified period.