Professor Yury Kolomensky in the lab with postdoc
Name Job title Department Role Research interests
Amin Azizi Post Doc
Dushyant Yovan Badal Graduate Student
Samuel Badman Graduate Student
Unpil Baek Graduate Student
Zara Bagdasarian Post Doc
Halleh Balch Post Doc

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Biophysics,...

Stuart Bale Professor Faculty

AstrophysicsPlasma and Nonlinear Dynamics

Ella Banyas Graduate Student
Yimu Bao Graduate Student
Korkut Bardakci Professor Emeritus Faculty

Particle Physics

Roberto Barrueto Lecture Demo Technician Staff
Daniel Barsky Lecturer Lecturer
Adrian Bayer Graduate Student
Shawn Beckman Graduate Student
Jacqueline Beechert Graduate Student
Livia Belman-Wells Graduate Student
Joshua Benabou Graduate Student
Mattia Beretta Post Doc
Madeline Bernstein Graduate Student
Jeffrey M. Berryman Post Doc

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