Dung-Hai Lee Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 19, 2023

Photo of Dung-Hai Lee

Dung-Hai Lee, a faculty senior scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division and co-principal investigator in the Theory of Materials and Quantum Materials programs, and a professor of physics at UC Berkeley, is among 269 new members announced recently. Lee’s research focuses on condensed matter physics and materials science. The goal of his research is to uncover new states of matter and understand their physical properties.

Since joining UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab in 1994, Lee has been credited with uncovering new insights into long-standing problems in theoretical condensed matter physics, such as high- temperature superconductivity, phase transitions in the quantum Hall effect, anyon superconductivity and symmetry-protected topological states, among many others.

Founded more than 240 years ago, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences supports multidisciplinary research to advance the country’s common good. Current focus areas include energy and environment, science and technology, and global affairs.

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