Faculty News

A Graduate Student's Role in the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics

October 4, 2022

Stuart Freedman as a grad student working at an experiment the basement of Birge Hall

In 1971, graduate student Stuart Freedman and postdoctoral fellow John Clauser took over a room in the sub-basement of Birge Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, and built an experiment that would put to the test one of the most enduring weirdnesses of quantum mechanics, what Einstein...

Seal Storage Technology Partners with Orebi Gann Group

June 9, 2022

Press Release 06/09/22 PR Newswire

Neutrinos originate from some of the most mind-bending elements of the universe: black holes, exploding stars, and the Big Bang. Researchers such as Professor Gabriel Orebi Gann and her group at UC Berkeley are creating a detector to trap these mysterious "ghost particles" to uncover mysteries of the universe. Web3 decentralized cloud storage provider, Seal Storage Technology, is partnering with the Berkeley Orebi Gann Group to provide secure and immutable storage for the neutrino data. The groundbreaking research is not possible without a reliable...

Hitoshi Murayama Brings People Together

April 19, 2022
Building international research communities is a cornerstone of Murayama’s physics career.

When deciding between becoming a physicist or a musician, Hitoshi Murayama thought musician was the easy choice.

With years of experience rocking out with a band playing Pink Floyd- and Genesis-inspired ballads in high school and playing the double bass in venues around Tokyo in college, Murayama was ready to leave his undergraduate physics degree behind. But as he played more and more gigs, fellow musicians warned him about how tough it could be.

He remembers changing his mind,...

Six Berkeley Faculty Members Elected to NAS

May 22, 2022

Six UC Berkeley faculty members were elected today to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Among them are three Physics faculty members: Joel Moore, Joseph Orenstein, and Chung-Pei Ma.

The six were among 120 members and 30 international...