Eric Ma Awarded Amazon Physical Science Fellowship

December 7, 2022

Eric Ma in a lab

Berkeley Physics is pleased to announce that Assistant Professor Eric Ma has been awarded an Amazon Physical Science Fellowship. 

This award recognizes three individuals who have shown the skills necessary to bridge the gap between fundamental scientific results in the physical sciences and the development of impactful technologies.

The Amazon Physical Science Fellowship was developed to foster collaboration between Amazon and the physics community for the purpose of accelerating the time from fundamental discovery to real-world application. More than 2,000 physics professors from around the world were invited to identify game-changing discoveries from the past two decades that could lead to products and services that will positively impact future generations.

These three selected fellows demonstrated an ability to identify scientific results from across the physical sciences with the potential to provide broad, positive impacts to society.

Eric Ma's research focuses on electromagnetic-matter interaction in uncommon regimes. On the one hand, he develops new instruments that use microwave and light to probe the fundamental properties of quantum materials. On the other hand, he creates new devices and structures that use unconventional materials and inverse design to generate, manipulate, and detect electromagnetic fields. His research interests are expansive, though he is particularly excited about beyond-von–Neumann computing and human-computer interface.

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