James Siegrist

Office: 309 Physics South
Main: (510) 643-1318
Other: (510) 486-4397

Job title: 
Professor Emeritus

Professor Siegrist received his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1979. He joined the UCB Faculty in 1988. He has served as the Director of the Physics Division at LBNL since 1996.

Research Interests

Professor Siegrist has worked since the late 1980's on the physics of electroweak symmetry breaking. Current work centers on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Recent physics interests include the Dark Matter searches using the ATLAS experiment, and applications of instrumentation to problems in nuclear energy, especially non-proliferation.

Current Projects
The current ATLAS experimental program includes, among other possibilities: study of the production of candidate dark matter particles at ATLAS; study of the production and decay of the top quark, including improved techniques for top quark mass measurement; searches for unexpected new phenomena, such as Supersymmetric particles, or extra dimensions. Further information on the groupís activities can be found on the LBNL ATLAS home page.

Other hardware activities center on further development of state-of-the-art Silicon Detectors for charged particle track reconstruction. This work involves VLSI electronics, modeling of the details of the silicon response, and understanding the behavior of silicon systems in the intense radiation environment expected at future proton colliders. Further information about this activity can be found on the ATLAS website listed above.

Nuclear Energy studies center on the use of instrumentation and techniques originally developed for High Energy Physics in monitoring of fissile materials as part of the nuclear fission fuel cycle. This work involves simulation and modeling of nuclear fuel systems and proof-of-principle hardware projects to demonstrate detection techniques.

There are now, and will continue to be, opportunities for graduate students to be involved in these activities.

Research interests: