Matt C. Pyle

Office: 439 Physics South
Main: (650) 224-0446

Job title: 
Assistant Professor, Michael M. Garland Chair

Matt Pyle received B.S. in Physics (2001) and B.E. in Aerospace Engineering (2002) from the University of Notre Dame, and a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University (2012). Subsequently, he crossed the bay and was a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley. He joined the Berkeley Physics faculty as the Garland Assistant Professor in 2015.

Research Interests

Many of the questions that we would like to ask about the nature of the universe today, for example "could dark matter be composed of particles with mass less than that of a proton?", are simply impossible to answer with present technology. My goal is to develop these new detector technologies and then employ it to find answers to these questions. Currently, my group is focused on optimizing the design of massive low temperature calorimeters for the SuperCDMS low mass experiment as well as for other nuclear physics applications (primarily neutrinoless double beta decay).


1) Optimized Designs for Very Low Temperature Massive Calorimeters M. Pyle, E. Figueroa-Feliciano, B. Sadoulet, arXiv:1503.01200 (March 2015)

2) CDMSlite: A Search for Low-Mass WIMPs using Voltage-Assisted Calorimetric Ionization Detection in the SuperCDMS Experiment” R. Agnese, et al. (SuperCDMS), published in Physical Review Letters, 112, 041302 (January 2014)

3) Search for Low-Mass WIMPs with SuperCDMS R. Agnese, et al. (SuperCDMS), published in Physical Review Letters, 112, 241302 (June 2014)

Research interests: