The REYES Team

Photo of Giovanna Genard and Raul Briceno in a science background

Pictured above are REYES Co-chairs Giovanna Genard and Raúl Briceño

Below is a list of collaborators for REYES

Raúl Briceño (Co-chair)

Assistant Professor of Physics, UC, Berkeley
Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Giovanna Genard (Co-chair)

Vice President of External Affairs & Marketing Leader, PRA Group

Orlando Ayala

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Old Dominion University

Stephen Barry

Communications and Business Enrollment Liaison, Old Dominion University

Norou Diawara

Professor of Mathematics, Old Dominion University

Miguel Ramlatchan

Assistant Vice President for Technology, Old Dominion University

Rachel White

Coordinator, Governor's STEM Academy, Virginia Beach City Public Schools