Details About the BPIE Program

The BPIE Curriculum

The BPIE program offers a wide variety of classes to students. CLICK HERE for a complete list of BPIE course options.

  • Classes fill up quickly and your enrollment in each class is not guaranteed; BPIE students are not permitted to enroll in graduate courses (200s or above). 
  • Course enrollment is limited to Physics courses only. For courses that are cross-listed with another department, you will need to enroll in the section offered by Physics.
  • BPIE students are not permitted to enroll with a time conflict or enroll to a waitlisted class.

BPIE Program

Research and Faculty

Berkeley Physics faculty work in all areas of physics and participate in research experiments all over the world. 

Here's what BPIE students have to say

Photo of Sarenstein Yan

“Attending in-person classes at Berkeley gave me a lot of new thoughts and senses about myself and my surroundings. I met a lot of intelligent classmates, I got to know a lot of friendly friends from different countries, and I was amazed by how people are so alike and so unlike.”

~Sarinstein Yan, Sichuan University

“A program which let us to see the world.”

 ~Shimeng Yang, ShanghaiTech University