4-Year Planned Program

Students should include L&S Requirements in their planning. 

Freshman/Sophomore Level Courses

Freshman Year
Fall: Math 1A (4.0 Units)
Spring:    Math 1B    (4.0 Units), Physics 5A (3.0 units) or Physics 7A (4.0 Units)

Note: We strongly recommend that students complete Math 1B (Calculus II) or equivalent course work before they take Physics 5A if they plan to take Physics 5A.

Sophomore Year
Fall: Math 53* (4.0 Units), Physics 5B + 5BL (3.0 & 2.0 units) or Physics 7B (4.0 Units)
Spring:    Physics 89    (4.0 Units), Physics 5C + 5CL (3.0 & 2.0 units) or Physics 7C (4.0 Units)

Students should have completed the lower division Math and Physics prerequisites by the end of their sophomore (second) year at Cal. *Please note that Math N53 will not be accepted.

Junior/Senior Level Courses & 2 Year Plan For Transfer Students

Junior Year
Fall: Physics 111A (3.0 Units), Physics 137A (4.0 Units)
Spring:    Physics 105 (3.0 Units), Physics 137B (4.0 Units)

Senior Year
Fall: Physics 110A (4.0 Units), Physics 112 (4.0 Units)
Spring:    Physics 111B (3.0 Units), Physics Elective (3-4.0 Units)

*Students tend to complete their upper division courses in various orders, depending on their interests, needs, and preferences. This document outlines these various considerations. We recommend meeting with a physics advisor if you have any additional questions.

*Students must complete the physics upper division requirements by the end of their senior (fourth) year at Cal unless they are granted additional semesters by L&S. Students are strongly encouraged to conduct research during their junior/senior years, particularly if interested in continuing to a graduate program. Transfer students who have not completed Math 54 prior to their first semester at UCB are required to complete Physics 89.

*Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 13.0 units per semester to be considered full time students.