Professor Yury Kolomensky in the lab with postdoc
Name Job title Department Role Research interests
Woochang Kim Graduate Student
Yasemin Kiriscioglu Graduate Student
Thomas Klein Kvorning Post Doc
Kai Klocke Graduate Student
Edgar Knobloch Professor Faculty

Plasma And Nonlinear Dynamics

Bryce Kobrin Graduate Student
Shimon Kolkowitz Associate Professor and Herst Chair in Physics Faculty

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Quantum Physics

Yury Kolomensky Professor Faculty

Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics

Lukasz Komza Graduate Student
Matthew Kramer Graduate Student
Jonathon Kruppe Graduate Student
Daniel Kuesters Post Doc
Ankit Kumar Graduate Student
Soubhik Kumar Post Doc
Paul C. La Plante Post Doc
Ella Lachman Post Doc

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science

Sherwood A. Lagergren Post Doc
Kevin Langhoff Graduate Student
Alessandra Lanzara Professor, Charles Kittel Chair in Physics Faculty

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science, Biophysics

Brett Laugtug Academic HR Analyst Staff

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