Rainer Sachs

Office: 918 Evans
Main: (510) 642-4384
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Job title: 
Professor Emeritus

Professor of Physics and Mathematics, UC Berkeley, since 1968, Emeritus since 1993. B.Sc. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D. from Syracuse University, 1958. 1959-62. Postdocs and Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Assistant and Associate Professor, University of Texas, 1963-1968; Guggenheim Fellow, Cambridge, 1972-1973. Computational biology & radiobiology research is conducted by our group under grants from DOE, NSF, NIH and NASA. Main topics are: 1) large-scale DNA structure and damage by ionizing radiation; 2) estimating risk of radiation carcinogenesis. Techniques involve mathematics, modeling and programming. Data is obtained by colleagues at various labs worldwide or is in the literature. We have a small theory group (e.g. a postdoc, a grad student and several undergrad research assistants).

Research interests: