Name Job title Role
Andrew Christensen Graduate Student
Ya-Wen Chuang Unit 18 Lecturer Lecturer
Samuel Ciocys Graduate Student
John Clarke Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School Faculty
Anna Coerver Graduate Student
Marvin Cohen University Professor of Physics, Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School Faculty
Agnes Concepcion Supervisor, Physics-Astronomy Library Staff
Tessa Cookmeyer Graduate Student
Kathleen Cooney Undergraduate Advisor Staff
Lance Corbett Graduate Student
Michael Crommie Professor Faculty
Kevin Thomas Crowley Post Doc
Eleanor Crump Facilities and Operations Manager Staff
Kayla Currier Graduate Student
Mario D'Andrea Graduate Student
Biwei Dai Graduate Student
Liang Dai Assistant Professor and The Michael M. Garland Chair in Physics Faculty
Zhehao Dai Post Doc
Nicholas Dale Graduate Student
Thomas Dauer Graduate Student