Surjeet Rajendran

Surjeet Rajendran

The Henry Shenker Assistant Professor

Surjeet Rajendran
Office: 419 Old LeConte
Main: (510) 666-3371

Research Area(s): Particle Physics


Surjeet Rajendran graduated from Caltech in 2004 with a degree in mathematics and subsequently pursued a Ph D in Physics from Stanford (Graduated 2009). He was the Madansky postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins and is presently the Henry Shenker Professor of Physics. He joined the UC Berkeley Physics Department in July 2014.

Research Interests

I have broad interests in theoretical physics with a strong focus on physics beyond the standard model. While the standard model of particle physics has repeatedly withstood many experimental tests, it leaves many questions unanswered. These questions include the nature of dark matter, the origins of the electroweak scale and the cosmological constant as well as the quantum nature of gravity. While there have been many theoretical attempts to answer these questions, they have not been empirically verified.

I am interested in inventing new experimental avenues to help answer these questions and discover new physics. I am particularly interested in novel applications of precision sensors such as atomic and optical interferometers and precision magnetometers to develop sensitive detection methodologies that are sensitive to weak effects caused by new physics. Recent work along these topics include the development of new techniques to detect gravitational waves using atomic clocks (1) and axion dark matter through nuclear magnetic resonance techniques (2). I am also interested in identifying new classes of signatures at the Large Hadron Collider (3) and at experiments designed to detect dark matter (4, 5, 6). Occasionally, I also dabble in cosmology (7, 8).


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Published in Phys.Rev. X4 (2014) 021030

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Astrophysical Probes of Unification 
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Observing the Dimensionality of Our Parent Vacuum 
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A Simple Harmonic Universe 
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Published in JHEP 1402 (2014) 029