Alumni News

UC Berkeley and IQM Quantum Computers launch partnership to develop advanced quantum processor technologies

December 17, 2023

quantum type computer with writing over it

Berkeley Quantum Works (BQW) at the University of California, Berkeley has entered into a partnership agreement with IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), the global leader in building on-premise quantum computers, to usher in a new era of collaboration in quantum information science (QIS) through the development and operation of the next generation of advanced...

Alum Gina Quan Fosters Student Leaders and Inclusion

December 13, 2023

Gina Quan

Gina Quan moved into her Berkeley dorm two weeks before freshman year in 2008 to participate in the Compass Project’s early start program for freshmen interested in physical sciences. “This amazing student-led organization fosters student leadership and inclusion, particularly for students who are underrepresented in physics,” says Quan,...

Alumnus of the Year John Mather

December 13, 2023

John Mather

Berkeley Physics alum John Mather has won many prestigious awards—including the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics with George Smoot for taking precision cosmic background radiation measurements that...

Barry Barish Awarded the National Medal of Science

October 26, 2023

Barry Barish

Barry Barish, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of gravitational waves, was recognized for exemplary service to science, including groundbreaking research on subatomic particles. “His...

Berkeley Physics Alum Ashok Gadgil Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation

October 26, 2023

Ashok Gadgil in his lab at LBNL

Ashok Gadgil, Physicist Faculty Senior Scientist/Engineer, Energy Technologies Area (ETA), photographed with the UV Waterworks device, a low-cost and efficient water purifier that utilizes ultra-violet light to render viruses and bacteria harmless, at his lab on the UC Berkeley campus. Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab

During a...

Hal Zarem: A Tech Business Career Rooted in Physics

September 10, 2022

Berkeley Physics alum—and serial entrepreneur—Hal Zarem says rather than pure research, he went into physics “knowing that I wanted to develop technologies for commercial applications and to do R&D where I could see the product being used in society.”

Today, Zarem is Chief Executive Officer of Holo, Inc., a metal additive manufacturing company in Newark, Calif. More than just a 3D printing company, he says, Holo has developed a photo polymer for its printers that is combined with powderized metal. “It turns out, we can make super-fine-...

Alum David Klein Finds Inspiration from Life’s Unique Moments

September 2, 2022

David KleinInspiration can arise from many unique moments in life, but for David Klein, founder of Gener8, LLC in Sunnyvale, Calif., the idea for his company popped up during a trip in the early 2000s with the Berkeley Hang Gliding Club. At the time, “a fair number of Berkeley physicists and engineers were in that group,” Klein recalls. He mentioned to a fellow Berkeley PhD, who was...

Exciting Research at Berkeley Physics Inspired Astrophysicist Danielle Speller

August 25, 2022

Exciting Research at Berkeley Physics

It’s year three of Danielle H. Speller’s search for answers to questions behind the so-called matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe, as well as the search for dark matter. The Johns Hopkins University Assistant Professor of Physics explains that, based on the laws of physics, particles of matter and antimatter should be created in equal...