Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Our Vision and Values

We aspire to deliver excellent and highly valued financial and business services to support the mission and strategic objectives of the Physics department.

Our Values

• Quality services that meet our customer's needs

• Ownership and follow through on all commitments

• Respect, teamwork, collaboration, and working in harmony with our partners

• Financial transparency, sound financial management practices, and upholding highest standards of integrity

• The use of technology and resources that innovate, improve, and streamline processes.

Departmental Budgeting

The Physics Finance Team, under the purview of the Administrative Director, maintains oversight of the entire Physics funding portfolio. This includes all current and non-current funding sources and their related cost centers.


The Physics department complies with SAS115 on a regular periodic basis. It is an audit compliance ensuring that the department has performed certain key controls over financial reporting. More information on SAS115 is available at the Controller’s Office website.

Identity Management (User System Access) review is done on a quarterly basis to determine  if an employee's access and roles are appropriate for his or her current job responsibilities ensuring for the proper segregation of duties within the unit. Follows-up action is taken, which includes deletions or other updates as needed via the Systems Access Request Application (SARA). This control is completed within 28 days from the date of report issuance.

Contact person in Physics department:
Stephen Pride Raffel
Financial Services Analyst
Department of Physics
151B Physics North
Berkeley, CA 94720


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