Professor Yury Kolomensky in the lab with postdoc
Name Job title Department Role Research interests
Austin Hedeman Unit 18 Lecturer Lecturer
Leander Held Graduate Student
Frances Hellman Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School Faculty

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science, Biophysics, Astrophysics

Andrew Hensley Graduate Student
Andrea Herman Graduate Student
Jordan Hines Graduate Student
Jacquelyn Ho Graduate Student
Emily Hollingworth Graduate Student
William Holzapfel Professor Faculty


Petr Horava Professor Faculty

Particle Physics

Donez Horton-Bailey Graduate Student

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials ScienceGlass physics, amorphous oxides

Satcher Hsieh Graduate Student
Nicholas Huang Graduate Student
Roger Huang Graduate Student
Luca Victor Iliesiu Assistant Professor Faculty

Iliesiu is a high-energy theorist with a broad set of interests in quantum field theory, quantum gravity, and their relation to particle and condensed matter physics.  On the gravity side, he seeks to understand how gravitational objects, such as black holes, obey the rules of quantum mechanics...

Joshua Isaacs Post Doc
Barbara Jacak Professor of Physics Faculty

Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics

Peter Jacobse Post Doc
Bob Jacobsen Professor Emeritus Faculty

Particle Physics

Amin Jazaeri Director of Instructional Support / Lecturer Staff

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