Equity & Inclusion News

Equity & Inclusion News

During the current climate of change, Berkeley Physics strives to sustain transparency in its approach to "Black Lives Matter".


DEI Committee Office Hours

The DEI Committee will be hosting office hours every Monday from 5:30pm-6:00pm. If there is a question you have, a suggestion you'd like to make, or an issue to bring to our attention, please pop in and let us know! The first one will be this Monday, March 15th. Zoom Address: https://berkeley.zoom.us/s/94628973327.
Only UC Berkeley constituents are able to join, so make sure you're logged in with your berkeley.edu identity.


Fall 2021: Berkeley Physics launches "We Are Berkeley Physics"

A set of Community Principles have been developed by Berkeley Physics students, faculty, staff and alumni to affirm and guide personal and collective behavior for the campus community, rooted in our own community values, beliefs and interests. The process began during the Physics First Friday Workshops in November 2020. Visit the "We Are Berkeley Physics" web page and see the current schedule of First Friday Workshops.


Updates from our Committee on Equity and Inclusion

Meeting Summaries - Spring 2021


Berkeley Physics Partners with APS for Equity and Inclusion

Members of the physics community have been mobilizing to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within their individual institutions. Bringing these groups into a larger network to share their experiences and expertise can expedite systemic change for the physics community at large. The APS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (APS-IDEA) is creating such a network made up of teams from a wide variety of institutions including UC Berkeley Physics, all committed to creating a social movement to transform the culture of physics. Read more.


Letters from the Physics Department

In response to recent events, the Physics Department has issued a series of letters outlining our thoughts and actions toward promoting a more inclusive environment for all. The three letters are attached below.

Graduate Student Letter to Faculty

Juneteenth Letter from Graduate Students to Faculty and Administration

Staff Letter to Faculty

Faculty Response to Students and Community


The Berkeley Blog

Charles D. Brown II speaks on anti-Blackness in physics, and why the physics community needs to include, listen to and hire Black scientists


The Proposal to "Un-Name" LeConte Hall

In recent years, it has come to light that the LeConte name is inextricably associated with slavery and racism and therefore does not reflect the values of the university or our department. Student groups on Berkeley’s campus, most notably the Black Student Union, have long been concerned that prominent university buildings are named after slaveholders, and many physics students are active in supporting constructive change in the department, as are the staff. The voices of physics students and staff rang out loudly and clearly in favor of this renaming, and what they said mattered enormously to the faculty as they took their vote. Our collective resolution recognizes the importance of addressing racism and racial inequities within the scientific community as one part of our effort to build a welcoming and supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff of color. The proposal can be read here.

UPDATE: On November 20, 2020, both LeConte Hall and Barrows Hall were un-named.


Poster Series Honors Influential Black Physicists

Physics major Ana Lyons has created 6 posters of influential Black physicists in response to the recent plan of action agenda item to "raise the visibility of Black voices both in the Physics Department and in the field as a whole." These posters are available for download from this page. 6 more posters of current working physicists will be posted soon.


PATH to Care launches guide for sexual harassment intervention

The Berkeley PATH to Care Center has launched a campaign offering specific guidance to the campus community on creating a campus free of sexual violence and harassment. Visit the webpage on Campuswide Social Norms.