Professor Yury Kolomensky in the lab with postdoc
Name Job title Department Role Research interests
Matt C. Pyle Assistant Professor, Michael M. Garland Chair Faculty

Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics

Ruishi Qi Graduate Student
Bingcheng Qing Graduate Student
Zi Qiang Qiu Professor Faculty

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science

Matthew Quenneville Graduate Student
Brian Quigley Head, Engineering and Physical Sciences Library Division Staff
R. Ramesh Professor Faculty

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science

Miroslav Rapcak Post Doc
Maggie Reed Graduate Student
Paul Richards Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School Faculty


Kyle Ritchie Graduate Student
Benjamin Ryan Roberts Graduate Student
Sally A. Robertson Post Doc
Jakob Robnik Graduate Student
Josue Rodriguez Graduate Student
Roger Roglans Graduate Student
Daniel Rokhsar Professor Faculty


Roger Romani Graduate Student
Valeria Rosa Rocha Graduate Student
Jack Roth Graduate Student

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