Equipment, supplies, services, and numerous other types of expenses are all ordered and paid for via BearBuy.


BearBuy Access

BearBuy (sign in with your CalNet credentials)

If you want to access BearBuy from a computer that's not connected to the campus network, you must install the Global Connect VPN

If you're not able to sign in, contact CSS at (510) 664-9000 option 1, then option 2, or bearbuyhelp@berkeley.edu

BearBuy Usage

Guide for setting up your profile -- this will help move your shopping carts through the system more quickly

Guide explaining which type of form to use for each transaction -- if you're still not sure, contact us at physi-finance@lists.berkeley.edu

Guide for placing Non-Catalog orders -- this is the most frequent type of BearBuy transaction for most Physics researchers

Guide for placing bluCard orders -- use this for vendors that won't accept Purchase Orders from the University (contact us at physi-finance@lists.berkeley.edu if you're not sure how to tell)

List of commonly used Account codes

BearBuy Assistance

Further assistance and resources are available at this link. If you need assistance with a cart that you've already submitted, contact our CSS regional purchasing staff at bnfs_chemistry_mps@berkeley.edu

High Dollar Value Orders

Source justification form -- use this for orders with a cost of $10,000 or higher that are being paid for with Federal funds, or for orders with a cost of $100,000 or higher that are being paid for with non-Federal funds

Equipment orders for research purposes sometimes qualify for a California partial sales tax exemption. This form should be filled out and attached to your BearBuy cart. Details are explained here. (The Program Code in your chartstring must be 44, not 40, or your order won't qualify for the exemption.) Please note that the form was revised in April of 2021, and question 2 now asks for a seven-digit project chartfield value. Contact us at physi-finance@lists.berkeley.edu if you need help determining this number (or you can contact your RA).

BearBuy Receiving

After placing a BearBuy order, you may receive an email from the system stating "You have invoiced items to review." Links within the email will direct you to enter receiving information in BearBuy. If you have indeed received the item(s) in question, this guide explains how to enter the receiving info. Please note, Physics staff enters receiving information into BearBuy in the stockroom, so for any given order, it may or may not be necessary for you to do this task. Please contact us at physi-finance@lists.berkeley.edu if you're not sure how to proceed after receiving one of these emails from the system.

Adding New Vendors

Please contact us at physi-finance@lists.berkeley.edu with whatever information you have about the vendor, and we will assist you with getting them entered in the system.

Shipments From Overseas Vendors

The University has a customs brokerage service, American Cargoservice, who can be of great assistance with getting foreign orders through customs in the quickest and most cost-efficient manner possible. The best way to make use of their help is to involve them during the quotation stage, so they can communicate with the vendor before the order is ready to ship. They can be reached at UC@acssan.com. This document gives more details on their processes.


Click here for Purchasing FAQs.