Business and Financial Services

Business and Financial Services

Receiving Wire Transfers

I expect a wire transfer to my account, who do I contact?

The current procedure in place makes it difficult for the finance team to claim funding in a timely manner, as well as to allocate the funds to the appropriate place. This is because we have no back-up information to provide the Controller when they reach out to us. In order to remedy this, and to provide you all with better, faster service, please follow these simple steps as soon as you learn of an inbound transfer:
Please write an email to and provide the following information:
   a) Vendor information: who is sending the wire?
   b) Amount: how much are you expecting to receive?
   c) Chartstring: where should the funding be allocated to?

Software Licenses

For questions related to software licenses (i.e. Mathematica, Matlab) please send an email to

Room and Lab Space Rental

The Physics department has a selection of rooms and lab space available to rent, in accordance with the fee table listed below. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 20% of the total reservation, up to a maximum of one full week of rent, is due at the time of booking. For more information, please contact Amin Jazaeri, Director of Instructional Support. The following rates are for UCB departments only. Contact for non-UCB rates.

Room # Capacity Full Day (4+ hr) Half Day (4 Hr)
111 39 $150 $85
245 37 $140 $80
215 40 $155 $90
221 30 $120 $70
225 24 $95 $60
251 78 $200 $110


To reserve a room please download, fill out and sign the Facilities Rental Agreement and email to

Departmental IT Service Providers

For any IT related issues, please contact Campus Shared Services, IT (CSS-IT)


Please contact with questions related to faculty and staff household and lab moves.

Machine Shop

The Physics Department Machine Shop accepts job requests from campus and off-campus customers on a recharge basis. Please visit the Machine Shop page for rates and more information, and to access the Machine Shop Job Request Form. For Machine Shop billing related questions please send an email to:

For more information on campus policies concerning recharge activities, please see the offerings listed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

Liquid Nitrogen

Dispensing: Please use this form to establish an account to purchase LN2 gas for your research lab in Birge/Le Conte/New Campbell Hall. Also, please follow this link to learn more about the procedures for LN2 usage. For LN2 billing related questions please send an email to:

Purchasing FAQs

How do I obtain authorization to shop in BearBuy?

Please contact Campus Shared Services Center IT, Application Support Center.

Contact Information:

Phone: (510) 664-9000 option 1, then option 2


Contacting the BearBuy Help Desk will generate a ticket that will be routed to the appropriate group for assistance and resolution.

How do I log into BearBuy?

You will need to use your CalNet ID/Passphase to log into BearBuy. The quick link to BearBuy is here. You can bookmark this page for future easy access to BearBuy.

How do I know which BearBuy form to use?

This link explains which form to use depending on the type of transaction. (Note: if you are seeking reimbursement for the purchase of an electronic device, such as a laptop or a tablet, you must complete this form and attach it to your Payment Request cart in BearBuy.)

How do I enter an order for Amazon items?

This step-by-step guide shows how to enter an Amazon order in BearBuy, and it also works for other vendors who require payment by credit card.

What code should I enter in the Account field of the Accounting Codes section of my cart?

Here is a list of commonly used Account codes for the Physics department.

How can I get help placing an order in BearBuy? 

Please visit the Campus Shared Services Purchasing website for more information and the CSS satellite office locations on campus. 

How do I get a new vendor set up for ordering in BearBuy?

Please contact us at with whatever information you have about the vendor, and we will assist you with getting them entered in the system.

Who do I contact to follow up on my purchase request?

After you submit your Shopping Cart it goes to the purchasing unit at Campus Shared Services. Please contact at Campus Shared Services for a status check of your order.

When is it necessary to fill out a source justification form? 

If you're using Federal funds, then you need to fill out a source justification for any purchase of $3,500 or greater (not including tax and shipping). If the funds aren't Federal, then the threshold is $10,000. The most current version of the source justification form is here.

How do I take advantage of the California Partial Sales Tax Exemption?

Research labs can take advantage of a reduced sales tax rate on orders for inventorial equipment, including fabrications. The rules are explained fully at this link. If your order qualifies, fill out this form, which has the UC Berkeley permit number already filled in. Here is a guide that explains how to enter in BearBuy.

I'm ordering something from an overseas vendor, is there anything I can do to make the shipping go smoothly?

The University has a customs brokerage service, American Cargoservice, who can be of great assistance with getting foreign orders through customs in the quickest and most cost-efficient manner possible. The best way to make use of their help is to involve them during the quotation stage, so they can communicate with the vendor before the order is ready to ship. They can be reached at UC@acssan.comThis document gives more details on their processes.